Since 2000, Poltekin Polyester manufactures GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) parts to the sector with double shifts with a total closed area of 2000 m2, which is able to respond to many sectors and project based productions, especially automotive sector, and to produce new investment projects every day. With over 25 personnel using hand-laying and RTM production systems, it quickly gained a reputation in the sector. Our company can provide professional services with high production capacity and design service at all stages from modeling to serial production, including model house, mold shop, laboratory, oven units, RTM machines, gelcoat machines s in new and existing projects. Our company which innovates, produces solutions, closely follows the technology and continuously adds value to its customers and its employees is in this context to solve the problems of our customers, to transform the wishes and expectations into reality, to offer the customers all kinds of support from the production of the product to the end of product lifetime, and the most important is to provide the satisfaction of our customers.

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